Let’s face it. Often times, our proactive maintenance strategies are a mess (I decided to just get that out there in the first sentence and not try to dance around the issue). Show of virtual hands, Thumbs Up if you feel that your proactive maintenance plan is the right one for you – one [...]

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Some Simple Facts

Let me share a couple of ideas that I hope you will agree with:

Problems occur every day, both big ones and small ones.
We cannot possibly address them all. The benefit from a failure analysis effort comes from finding the root cause of a problem and permanently eliminating [...]

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As I interact with people who participate in and manage shutdowns, I sometimes wonder if we really appreciate the true meaning of the term “critical path”. Yes, it is represented by the most important jobs on the shutdown, and you might be able to look at a list of tasks to be performed during the [...]

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Abnormalities are represented by the defects that enter our assets (point P on the P-F curve) and that will eventually lead to a loss of function from that asset – what we consider a failure (point F on the P-F curve).

The purpose of regularly scheduled proactive inspection activities, such as those performed by operators, [...]

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Let me make this one very simple. If you want to be an administrator, tell people what to do. If you want to be a true leader (and you do), tell people where we are going. Give them a reason and purpose for what we do. This is the value of a simple Key Performance [...]

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Why Is Work Order Feedback Important?

Let me start by telling you something you already know – there is no such thing as a perfect job plan. We must continually learn from our experiences and strive to make those small adjustments to our job plans that will improve our performance. This is a career-long commitment – [...]

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The Question:

 Which of the following groups is overloaded with work, and which one can handle more work?

A work group with 250 work orders A work group with 50 work orders

Which work group had better performance?

A ten-person crew that completed 40 work orders A ten-person crew that completed 17 work orders [...]

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It may be hard to believe, but the success or failure of your shutdown (outage, turnaround) is determined long before you shut down the equipment and begin the event. While many treat the shutdown as a marathon event that must be survived, the insightful among us know that it is the actions that occur in [...]

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